About me

My Training
Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Oakland University 2013

Registered Nurse, Labor and Delivery

Ascension Health System 2014- present

Certified Childbirth Instructor

 Ascension Health System  2017

 Birth Boot Camp 2016 - present

Certified Doula

Birth Boot Camp  2019

My Story

Wife. Mom. Nurse. Childbirth Enthusiast

In 2012, I married my highschool sweetheart. A true man of my dreams, he has always encouraged me to pursue my passions and supported me in whatever I chose to do. I became an RN and started working on a medical floor. It was awful. I can't tell you exactly what started turning my heart towards childbirth, but I soon found a passion.


I started working on a Labor and Delivery floor in 2014, and absolutely fell in love with the birthing process.  

Watching timid, fearful women blossom into powerful lifegivers; receiving the invitation into such a sacred, thin moment of time; empowering new parents to do what they did not think was possible.

All of it was intoxicating. 


After birthing my own precious boy in 2015 with a FABULOUS support team, I became even more excited about how I could dig deeper into this euphoria called birth. 

I examined my experiences- I had learned how crazy birth can be when the body is sick. How interventions save the lives of moms and babies when  plans go awry. How blessed some moms were to have such knowledgeable OB's to balance their many medical conditions. How doctors and nurses were doing their very best to give every mom a healthy baby

I experienced the immense power women are created with.

The beauty of the inner workings of our bodies. How a focus on health before and during pregnancy enhances that innate power. How it is all made to work so naturally and beautifully when allowed.

I saw  parents with a a lack of true understanding of what they were getting into. I saw shock and dismay when belts were strapped on, needles stuck in, choice stripped - all without discussion or consultation. I saw moms who knew no better - who accepted any and everything as normal, seemingly accustomed to a lack of choice.

I saw healthy and sick treated the same, and policy and procedure overshadow the Sacred, Kairotic moment of Birth.

I realized how instrumental education is. How knowledge is power. How moms and dads, when equipped with this power, are active participants in their births. How one can appreciate both the beauty of the natural and the complexity of the medical. 

And I placed my Passion.

Pregnancy, birth, child-rearing can be so overwhelming. There is so much to know, so many voices to navigate through.

I would love to empower you to find your voice as you begin to journey through this stage of life. 

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